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Why do desi women stare at other desi women?

This is a call for all young and old Desi women who have an extremely odd and annoying habit of STARING at you – provided if you also happen to be an Indian woman. Any time you turn around anywhere – at Costco or a restaurant or your neighborhood – you will find a Desi woman staring at you – up and down. If at Costco, the Desi woman will first give you a thorough stare and then at your cart – in case she is missing out anything that you have.

Understood that Desis by nature are judgmental, but the stare is an entitlement. So to all the wannabe Desi behenjis of the Trivalley – STOP STARING AT OTHER INDIAN WOMEN!!!!

Free Public Speaking Classes for Middle Schoolers

I’m the President of Dublin’s high school debate team.
I’m hosting speech classes for students who want to develop public speaking skills from 4 pm – 5 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting February 22. These classes are online and available to anyone, regardless of where they live, as long as the children are in grades 6-8.
These classes will help middle schoolers develop important presentation skills that are vital to high school, and eventually workforce performance. This is increasingly important, especially with the extension of online school. The goal of these classes is to prepare students who want to focus on STEM-focused disciplines in high school and beyond with communication skills.
We’ll focus on the importance of public speaking, how to get rid of filler words and stutters, how to develop credibility, and culminate with having the kids give a comprehensive, professional presentation on a topic they research and develop.
For more information and to sign up, please check Please email me or comment to let me know if you have any questions!

Take a Survey on a Universal Basic Income To Create Change

I am a student at Fallon Middle School in Dublin, California, and I am working on a Civic Actions Project (CAP) to try to change policy and instate a Universal Basic Income into California state legislature with a group. We have already contacted several state authorities on this matter, including the Department of Finance. Our goal is to find a tangible solution to Californian issues such as poverty and job loss. A Universal Basic Income is a possible solution to these problems.
If you want to help make a potential change in California, please take our survey: click here.
It will take only seconds of your time — but it could make a gigantic difference in our approach to policy change!
Thank you for your time and consideration. Let’s look, together, towards a future where everyone has an opportunity to do well — and the funds to do it!
— Fallon Middle School CAP Team VHCB

Building Inner Strength-Workshop for Middle / High Schoolers-Jan 15

Building Inner Strength-Workshop for kids aged 10 to 18-Middle and High Schoolers

Building Inner Strength-Workshop for Middle and High Schoolers-Jan 15, 2017, 10AM to 12 PM, Gale Ranch Mosaic Clubhouse, 1475, Bayberry view lane, San Ramon, CA 94582
Global Organization for Divinity (GOD USA) is holding a workshop on inner transformation for kids in middle school and high school aged around 10 to 18 years at the . Kindly requesting all middle and high school students to please attend this workshop and not to miss this wonderful opportunity.  Please register your kids today. Registration required. Please click the below mentioned link for registration.

New to tri-valley – how is the life for kids?

Hello, I am a mom with 2 kids moving from Greater Boston. I would like to know the life of kids in California (espl. tri-valley) – with so many Indian families and kids and great weather, do kids get a chance to play outside everyday – Can I see communities where kids are outside playing? I really miss that here in my community here. I am wondering how is life for the  kids there? Are they constantly in shuttle between classes – How do the after school program look like – it is mostly enrichment and less play? If someone  can give me a perspective it will be greatly appreciated.

Which is better school district for autism kid- San Ramon or Dublin?

Hello, We are from Fremont, looking to buy a house either in San Ramon or Dublin. We have two boys. Our older one is 4th grader and the younger is a 5 yr old autistic child who would go to special need kindergarten in the fall 2016. He needs OT, Speech. I would like to know if there’s anybody here who has a special need child going to either San Ramon school district or Dublin school district. How are the services?  Which school district is better. I would really appreciate if anybody out there can come forward and give me more details.  You can either give reply to this post or send me email to priyamsid…@g…com.

Brain O Wave Courses available in Pleasanton

Enroll  your children between the ages of 5-15 years in the world  renowned Mid-Brain Stimulation program pioneered by the eminent Japanese Professor Makoto Schichida. First time ever in the Bay Area brought to you by Oxford Education.
Beneficial effects include:-
* Improvement in Speed of Reading
* Memory Retention
* Improved grasp of Languages and Mathematical Concepts
* Better Focus and Attention
* Increased Confidence
Visit or call 510-362-2447 for more details. Sessions commence in August in Fremont & Pleasanton.

Poor Behavior – Desis at Regal Cinema – Dublin

My family and I were at the Regal Cinema in Dublin on Christmas even watching the Hobbit. Halfway through the movie, a cell phone rang in the row behind us.

Guess what – the doofus picked up the phone and continued the conversation. Several of us looked back and glared. But nothing could stop our young Desi professional. Until i raised my voice and threatened to call security. His friends also urged him but the call was obviously so important that he had to continue to sprawl in his seat and continue the conversation in the middle of the theater.

I know there are a ton of discussions on racism and poor behavior. But many of our own professionals behave abysmally but expect perfect behavior from others. I was quite disgusted by this persons behavior halfway though a movie that started with multiple statements to turn off cell phones. Perhaps they should also have warnings about not answering them. That way the 90 IQ heavyweights may actually get it.

A rather pissed off moviegoer.