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Tri-Valley Table Tennis Classes

Student Arnav Khinvasra became the only player to win 3 singles gold medals at the 2017 US Open in Las Vegas.
Dublin Private Lesson Student Rishi Gopalan won a medal at the 2017 US Open.

Tri-valley group and private classes are available in Dublin on Fridays and Sundays from the program of Fremont Table Tennis Academy, one of the top performing clubs in the nation. Classes are led by USATT National Certified Coach Shashin Shodhan (510-366-5234 or [email protected]) who is one of the top US players and coaches. View details and sign up here. Spring break camp and summer camps will likely take place as well in the tri-valley area. Classes are available daily in Fremont.
Location: 6680 Sierra Lane, Dublin, CA 94568
Class Coach Shashin Shodhan:

  • Represented USA at North American Olympic Trials as Top Performer
  • Winner of 15 National Titles
  • USA Table Tennis National Certified Coach
  • International Table Tennis Federation Level 3 Certified Coach (highest level possible)
  • International Table Tennis Federation Certified Course ConductorStudents often average one medal won per participating student in local and national tournaments

Computer Programming and Electronics for Kids at YoungWonks Pleasanton

YoungWonks offers cutting-edge technology education to kids between the ages of 7 and 18. The cirriculum focusses on learning by doing, inquiry based learning and assisted practice, for maximum knowledge stickiness.YoungWonks Pleasanton

* Small class size with 4:1 student teacher ratio.
* 1.5 Hour classes to give children adequate hands-on-leaning time.
* Focus on fundamentals that helps children learn any programming language.
* Use latest hardware and software.
* Teach skills that are widely used across many industries. So that children can continue to use them even after class is over.
* Mission driven teachers who have stellar academic background, experience.
* Combine skills learnt in multiple programs to create intersting self-designed projects (robots, home-automation, etc)
* Large modern and independent teaching center conveniently located in Pleasanton.

Curent offerings:

* YoungWonks Scratch Programming (Recommended age: 7 and above)
* YoungWonks Python Programming ((Recommended age: 7 and above)
* YoungWonks Circuit Magic (Recommended age: 10 and above)
* YoungWonks SPER – Scratch, Python and Electronics with Raspberry Pi (Recommended age: 10 and above)
* YoungWonks prototyping with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. (Recommended age: 10 and above)

Open House on weekends. Attend a FREE 1 hour Introduction to Raspberry Pi class at the Open House. Register online at: http://www.youngwonks.com/welcome/admission

You may also call us at: 855-966-5756 (1-855-WONKSKNOW)

Painting classes from 6/18 in San Ramon

Hello all, My father, Vijay Somanchi, a renowned artist in India is visiting me for 3 months. He is planning to offer painting classes while he is here, this summer.
Painting classes for adults and kids above the age of 12 years will be offered.
Please RSVP by 06/15 or contact us on 510-456-5764 to register
The curriculum is as follows:

  •  Adults ($10/hr):  Oil painting and Water colors 10AM-12PM, Mon, Wed and Fri
  •  Children (ages 12-18) ($8/hr):  Drawing and Water colors 3-5PM, Mon-Fri

About the artist:Vijay' s Art
He did many art camps and presented at art seminars motivating the young talent in India. He was invited to be a Guest lecturer in Nagarjuna University, Guntur, in Art and Architecture 2009-10 and a guest speaker at NIFT, Hyderabad 2011-12 after he retired from Banking.

Please refer to the his website to know more about the artist and his paintings. Regards, -Anoop.

Summer Enrichment Programme

5yrs to 10yrs olds can learn Bollywood Dance, Art & Craft T-shirt ‘Tie & Dye’, Public Speaking, Kirigami Art – all together for $10/hr in San Ramon at our SUMMER 2012 ENRICHMENT CLASSES. Class timings are 3pm – 5pm.

Time Monday (June 18th) Tuesday (June 19th) Wednesday (June 20th) Thursday (June 21st)
3-4pm Art & CraftT-shirt `Tie & Dye’ Public Speaking`Farm Animals’ Kirigami Art Public Speaking`Wild Animals’
4-5pm BollywoodDance Readers Theater`Gingerbread Man’ BollywoodDance Readers Theater`Gingerbread Man’
Time Monday (June 25th) Tuesday (June 26th) Wednesday (June 27th) Thursday (June 28th)
3-4pm Art & CraftT-shirt `GlitterDecoration’ Public Speaking`Wonders of Nature’ Kirigami Art Public Speaking`Wonders of Nature”
4-5pm BollywoodDance Readers Theater`Gingerbread Man’ BollywoodDance Readers Theater`Gingerbread Man’

Note: Kirigami is a fold and cut paper art.

Contact Zainab at 925-699-5432, or [email protected]

“Apni Bhasha”- Hindi and Gujarati Classes in San Ramon

Hi, I am starting Hindi and Gujarati Classes for Kids in San Ramon, CA. Let me know, if you or your friends are interested in sending their kids for the lessons.

In an hour long sessions kids will learn reading and writing in Hindi and Gujarati. In addition, they will learn meditation, shlokas, rhymes, poems and stories from Indian mythology.

I will try to make the learning fun for the kids and educate them in our languages. At the same time, they will also learn about our rich culture!

Moreover, there will be just  five to six kids in a group. So, just the right size group…. small enough to focus and big enough to learn from each-other…..

Three levels- Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Initially, kids will be put in the Beginners’ group and later on will be moved on to the groups according to their learning ability and age.

Contact for special summer pricing.

Offering Special Summer/Sibling Discounts right now:

Those, who are interested can email on [email protected].

-Regards, Shraddha Pathak (925)-548-4221

Enriching Summer Camps Academics with Public Speaking

Described as the School that Shapes Tomorrow’s Citizens, Genius Kids San Ramon offers exciting personalized summer camps commencing June 18, 2012 continuing till August 31, 2012.

  • Baby Genius (Infant and Toddler), Pre School, Pre-K, Grades K- 6th
  • Just Public Speaking
  • Just Enrichment Arts and Crafts

Keep your child away from the distractions of TV/internet this summer. Our academic Summer & Spring camps are designed to bridge your child from one grade level to the next, reviewing & reinforcing what has been taught in school & preparing them for the following year. They learn study skills & the ability to enjoy learning, whilst having fun at the same time.

  • Reading, Writing
  • Comprehension & Creative Story Writing
  • Logic & Critical Thinking
  • Language & Grammar
  • Brain Building Exercises
  • Public Speaking
  • Art/Crafts
  • Educational Science
  • Famous Literature
  • Movies
  • Memory Games/Chess Club

Unleash your child’s creative talents every day by engaging in interactivity, telling jokes, watching movies & making friends. Contact [email protected] or call 510-713-2431 for more information.

Bollywood Dance Summer Camp in Dublin

Planning for summer activities for your children? How about some fun and learning with Bollywood Dance?!
Friends, I am going to start a Bollywood Dance Summer Camp from June 11th to July 5th, 2012 – Monday to Thursday.

  • 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM for Age Group 9-13 years
  • 02:00 PM – 04:30 PM for Age Group 5-8 years

Kids will learn multiple dance styles during these 3-4 weeks. It would be full of entertainment, as well as fitness for kids.
Each week they learn different dance/song. So you can sign up for full 4 weeks ($200), or even choose any 3 weeks ($150) (to accommodate for any other vacation plans).
Hurry up and sign up soon; kids will sure have FUN and enjoy this summer camp.

Just confirm on this post, and don’t forget to send it across to your other friends.

You can always reach me @408-625-7237 or [email protected] to get more information.
Looking forward to some fun summer time!


Cherry or fruit picking near Tri Valley

Brentwood – which is about 30 miles away is quite a farmland with many a farms for Cherry or fruit picking.  We decided to try it out as well.

From Livermore Costco, its about 30 minutes away, going up north on Vosco. A friend has visited Nunn Better farms for Cherry picking last week, so decided to try out the same.

One interesting thing was that there are no good websites for specific farms – the most useful is a Trail Map here: http://www.harvest4you.com/pdfs/HT2010_mapwcat.pdf

Some Yelp reviews made the place sound like very farm-ish. You’ll get dirty, there’s too much sun, etc. – though it didn’t turn out to be exactly like that.  Anyhow, we went there a little late in the evening (though the best time is to go early morning).  The drive was interesting, with the mostly single lane Vasco Road meandering around a load of Windmills of all varieties.  The Nunn Better Farms is about 3-4 miles ‘inside’ Brentwood – so as you pass some other farms, you’re are like this one better be good. They have posted ample signs directing you to the farm, so that also raised expectations. Over all, it was an OK experience. Not sure if its normal, but a good majority of the Cherries had that line that tends to divide the cherry into two lobes. Not many actually had two lobes.
At USD2.50 a pound, it seemed a little expensive in this cherry season. The cost at the local grocery or Costco is same – with better quality. But well, then, its also some cherry picking experience with the kids (that gets you there to begin with).
They stopped people from coming in at around 4:15 PM – and most of the other farms close at 4:00 PM for U-pick. For the Picked fruit, there are stalls outside most farms where you can buy already picked fresh fruit, but the prices are again no better than the local stores. You’d also find local olive oil, in addition to fruits on the sale. We picked up some white pear and peaches and blackberries – mostly pretty good.

So cherry/berry picking is surely something to do in Summers if you live in Tri Valley.