My name is Rohit, and I am a resident of Tri-Valley.
Contact information: Please feel free to contact me at admin[a]trivalleydesi.com.

I founded this site in 2009, and my son Rohan, who is a high schooler, now runs it.

No, administering this site is not all that I do! I do have business with my wife,  have kids and their activities, do other things, and am still able to squeeze out some time, a couple of times a week, for this website. This is something we like doing (the time demand keeps increasing as user base has increased, and the site needs content as well as technical updates).

I founded this website in 2009 when I moved here. It had seemed like there were a lot of Indians here, but they were not connected at all, so were not able to help each other.

The site was intended to be the ‘new media’ hyper-local newspaper of the Indian community in the Tri Valley area. It has gradually also turned into a platform to interact – a message board, if you may. You may want to use this site for giving visibility to some event, or some service/activity (in 100+ categories) that you are looking for, or could be of benefit to the Indian community in the tri-valley. In fact for this purpose, you are welcome to just sign up and write your own entry. You can read some FAQ here.

This blog has found mention in local newspapers on the Sunday cover story of Feb 20, 2011. The newspapers include Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, Tri Valley Herald, etc.

Why trivalleydesi.com?

To serve as a single consolidated point of reference for Indians living in the tri valley area for all the things that touch on their being Indian and living in this area.

TriValleyDesi emphasizes that outer East Bay by itself, and especially Indians in the outer East Bay have reached a point where their numbers are significant, where there is a life in the tri-valley by itself, while at the same time its an extension of the life in the core East Bay (read Fremont) and the bigger San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley.

It should benefit newcomers to the tri valley area, as well as people have been living here for long. While a lot of information is good for anyone, the emphasis is on the perspective of Indians (that is the Asian Indians, or people from Indian subcontinent/South Asia, called Desis – and not incidentally for native American Indians)

The idea is to collect and present resources for the Tri-Valley Indians, resources which are important to them as Indians. At the same time, gradually encourage them to integrate better and give back to the broader community in the cities of Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon and Danville.

Life in Tri-Valley