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Middle School and High School math tutoring

Hi,   My name is Padma. I am a private high school math tutor with a few spots open for new students. I work at a Bay Area public high school as a math tutor, where I tutor students from Algebra 1 to Calculus. I have multiple years of experience teaching middle and high schoolers in private tutoring centers as well as private academies in the Bay Area. I also have experience coaching students for math grade level advancement assessments over the summer. I am passionate about helping students understand fundamentals and then advancing them to more complex concepts, with the rigor necessary to succeed in honors middle school and high school courses. I am patient, committed, and love connecting with students to tailor the tutoring experience to each student’s learning needs. If you would like more details and my availability, please call me at (925) 997-1931.

High school math tutoring

Hi, I am willing to providing tutoring in any high school math subject in the San Ramon / Pleasanton / Danville area. (Geometry, Algebra 1 & 2, Precalculus, Calculus AB & BC, etc).
I have received scores of 5 on the AP Calculus BC , AP Physics C exam, and an 800 in SAT math.
Math becomes extremely crucial in high school, and students often find themselves having trouble with the tougher concepts introduced during this time. This is where I can help.
Contact me at 510-456-8961 (call or text)
email: yuvichi279…@g…com

National Math Contest Coaching classes start January 10th

Looking for weekend math class with advanced math curriculum that is fun for your child ? Do you want your child to get recognition in national math contests?
Exceptional track record in changing student attitude towards math and of success in national math contests.
Small group classes on Sundays in San Ramon. Training for national contests including Noetic Learning,
MOEMS, Mathcounts, AMC8.
Teacher with 12 years of experience in coaching for national math contests.
New year classes for grades 3 to 8 start on January 10th.
Contact [email protected] for additional information.

Prep for 2016 Math Advancement Test in Middle Schools

Happy Thanksgiving! Daffodils Learning Center has opened enrollment especially for 5th graders for upcoming Math Advancement Test at Middle School in 2016. Located in Windemere, Daffodils tutoring is individualized to your child’s needs and abilities.
The highly enthusiastic and experienced provider Soma Gomes always dedicates herself in providing unique learning methods and tools not only to follow the current school curriculum but also to challenge the young learner to go above and beyond. Your child will learn with enthusiasm and gain confidence within a very short time. Her continuous encouragement, positive attitude and updated learning tools guarantees an overall improvement in your child’s aptitude.
Daffodils also offers:
CogAT preparation for grade 2 to 5
Math and Language Arts enrichment for grades K to 8
SAT math preparation
After School Care for kindergarten and elementary grades
Crash Course for district CAASP test for elementary and middle school grades during spring break
Call right away to reserve your child’s spot at (925)828-8168 or email at DaffodilsLearningCente…@g…com
Soma Gomes

Math Olympiad (MOEMS) Opportunity

Math Olympiad (MOEMS) is a popular national math contest consisting of five tests during the year that is offered to students from grades 4 to 8.
About 100,000 students nationally take part in this contest consisting of challenging math  problems.  For local students who are in schools without MOEMS program, Koolmath will offer an opportunity to take part in the contest as a part of Koolmath Institute Team.
We also provide coaching for national math contests. Contact teache…@m…com for information.

Math classes available

Hi, I am Sripriya studying my Master’s and I am an engineering graduate .Mathematics has always been my favorite subject and I will be more than willing to take Math classes to children with extreme dedication due to the deep interest in the subject.I am going to start taking Math classes from the first week of June.Request you to please contact me for further information.
Thank you
Phone : 925 321 0832
email: smiles.priya0…@g…com

Tutoring/after school tuition/Home Tutoring in DUBLIN

TUTORING (multi lingual, culture sensitive, learner oriented)

I can help with the following:
K – 6th grade:Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and all other content areas including Math, Science, History.
7th – 8th grade:History/Social Studies, Science, Writing, all other content areas.
All grades: Homework help; catching up; Special needs (speech/language therapy)

Preformal education for younger than school age kids & help with Speech/Language Impediments.
Language medium of instruction: English
Language medium of support/scaffolding: English, Telugu, & Hindi
Flexible with home/individual tutoring.
contact: [email protected]

Community Average Scores – New way to measure homeschoolers performance

“Is my child’s performance good enough?” This question continually plagues the parents of homeschooled children including me. Over last few months, I have tried to explore several answers to this questions. I have made my son take chapter tests as well as periodic exams. However, I have found that scores sometimes can vary depending on evaluators. Standardized tests are another way and they can be expensive. Recently, I came across a very cool site and created an online learning account with IntelliSeeds (www.intelliseeds.com). I was intrigued with their concept of community average scores. Essentially, IntelliSeeds has several hundred practice and speed assessments for Math and Logical Reasoning. When my son does his practice, Intelliseeds generates a detailed report and compares my child’s score with a community average across all their user base. I have found this a neat and cost effective way to get a sense of my son’s performance. I can also compare the speed against an average. My son also enjoys it because it feels like he is playing a game.

I thought it might be worthwhile to share this with other parents.

— Nicole