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Know Your Child Workshop

Know Your Child is 2-1/2 hour interactive workshop for parents, grandparents, babysitters and other guardians or caregivers of minor youth. It’s interactive, insightful, and deepens our understanding of childrens’ behavior and our ability to meet their needs.

The Know Your Child Workshop includes a root-cause analysis of childrens’ behavioral patterns and equips parents and caregivers with the knowledge to help the child blossom to his or her full potential. The information shared in the workshop will reinforce a positive relationship with the child and carry this forward during the child’s development.
Topics covered in the workshop include information on:
· Better communication, so that children will listen
· How to address focus and concentration issues with children
· Getting children interested in studies and school work
· Finding ways to enhance the creativity of children
· Managing stubborn behaviors
· Nurturing children to be free and natural

Sponsoring organization: Art of Living Foundation USA
Dates: Nov 19 2016
Timings: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Venue: Art Of Living – Tri Valley Ctr,
6690 Amador Plaza Rd Suite 215, Dublin, California, United States, 94568

Need a car for DMV test

Hi, I plan to take the behind-the-wheel driving test in Pleasanton/Tracy having cleared the written test and training from an instructor. I need a car for the test. Based on the car availability I can book an appointment at the DMV office, where there are few available slots in next 2 weeks. Could kindly someone lend me their car (auto mode) for 2-3 hours for few bucks (negotiable).

Amul Butter availability

Hello all – my family has been very used to eating Amul butter. But the butter is no longer available in Indian grocery stores. Does anyone know if its available anywhere in the bay area? Can it be ordered online? What is the reason that its not available. My younger one refuses to eat any other butter…

Thank fully Amul Cheese is still available.

Understand Your Child Workshop

Understand Your Child – Workshop will be conducted on February 3rd, 2012 – 7:00pm in Dublin, CA.
Parenting can prove to  be a very rewarding experience in one’s life. Because of the changes in our  lifestyles, values and human relations, parenting is also becoming a challenge with parents having to deal with many issues related to children’s behaviour.  Often parents are found saying my kid

· Does not listen to me
· Jumps around and breaks  many things
· Does not eat properly
· Is just glued to the TV  all the time
· Is just not interested in studies, etc.

Understand Your Child workshop is a 2.5 hour interactive seminar from the Art of Living which helps parents deal with several such issues by finding the root cause behind them. It gives them an insight into how children think and thus a better understanding of their behavior. It points out small things that adults tend to overlook that may have a deep impact on children. Several hundred such workshops have been conducted benefiting many thousands of parents making their relationships with their children much more harmonious.

Please click on the following link to register for the workshop:

Date & Timings: Feb 3rd 2012 Friday at 7.00 p.m.
Course Location: 6690 Amador Plaza Road, #215, Dublin, CA 94568
Contact Information: Sridhar Nomula (510) 334-7908 and Rashmi Patel (925) 3361203

 Invite your friends, family& peers!

Car pool to the bay area – how and why

For many people who settled down in the San Ramon – Pleasanton “Outer Bay” area, the “compromise”, if you will, has been with the commute. Though Tri valley is considered within the catchment area of the economic engine that is Silicon valley, the commute could be anything but easy. But then where else would you find nice, new houses at the price with top notch education?
Anyhow (with the premise that majority of Indians work in IT) some people do get to do a manageable commute to the local Chevron or Sybase or Oracle offices. But for a vast majority, if they don’t get to work from home, there is no other way but to head out on 680 or 580. Yes, you can get to beat the traffic if you head out at 6 or 11. Or it may not be as bad if after a short commute, BART can take you to the city.
But Car pools are surely something that come to the rescue of the commuters who have to go to bay area. There is a carpool lane from Dublin to Livermore (from Airway Blvd to GreenVille Rod), but its eastbound only, so only helps in evening rush hour as people head home to Livermore, and even beyond to Tracy. During office hours, the car pool between Alcosta and Livorna help commuters between Alamo to San Ramon on 680. Finally if you are travelling southbound on 680, from start of Fremont uptil Milpitas (Route 84 to 237) you can enjoy the carpool, again during office rush hours.
Unfortunately the 580/680 intersection in Pleasanton/Dublin is a real bottle neck during rush hours, and there is no carpool till Hayward on 580 or till Sunol on 680. Many Pleasanton folks are rather happy to take Sunol Blvd exit to reach their homes in the evenings. Fortunately, 880 does have carpool lanes, and there is battle still to be won once you reach 880.

So over all riding with someone else does make sense, and thus a need to turn the car into a ‘high occupancy vehicle’. There also are Park and Ride points like in Danville (Sycamore Valley Rd & 680) or Dublin (Koll Center and Tassajara Rd), Pleasanton (Johnson Dr and Stoneridge), San Ramon (Bollinger Canyon & 680) and a few in Livermore where you can meet carpool partners or your vanpool in a central location. Many lots also feature easy access to transit connections. You don’t even need a car to use a Park & Ride lot since many lots offer bike lockers. Car pooling is convenient and less-expensive, and you can even cross toll bridges for free. Additionally, carpooling helps reduce vehicle emissions to help keep our air cleaner. All you need is one or two other people to make it work (who work close by and have same timings). Carpool with neighbors, coworkers, family, friends. If you are looking for any desi people to carpool with, feel free to use this site to connect as many people search for car pool partners. There are many other websites – the ridematch services, classifieds, Craigslist, etc. which can help you to find a partner. And don’t frown when you search on google and even find people discussing issues like how do or would spouses react if you carpool with a person of opposite sex in routine! Go carpooling!