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EDCC after school review

Hello, We are new to Dublin. My kid will goto Kolb elementary (Kindergarten) and we are looking for after school program.
Looking for some insights into the EDCC program, is it good? Any other recommendations. We are looking for a full day program as we both are working.
Please advise.

Dublin: Middle and High Schools

Neighbors, We are thinking of moving to Dublin but have been scared by reading overflows in middle and high schools. I understand that there is only one high and it is way beyond the capacity. I know they are using portable class rooms by adding more classes but wondering if it is having negative impact on securing AP placements and electives.  The property that we are looking has Wells Middle as the home school whose rating seem to have plummeted from 9 to six!
Interested to learn experiences of parents who have middle and high school going kids.
Thanking you all in advance