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Bayamp tech – Java, QA,QE Training and Placement program

BayAmp Technologies! We offer QA/QE/SDET job oriented training in:
Basic/core/Advanced Java
White Box/Black Box testing
Understanding of clients/server Architecture
Test Automation using Latest Technologies
TestNG,Selenium RC,Web Driver,Grid,Jmeter
Web Services ,JENKINS,PYTHON,Agile Methodologies
Bug Tracking and many more.
We offer in House Project training and placement at our Bayarea clients  for Contracting and Full time Positions.
Email: inf…@b…com Phone 4083066738 / 4089812601

New batch starts for QA and UI @ 15th December 2018

Welcome to Whitebox Learning Orientation Program. Whitebox Learning, Inc., leading IT Training institute, with highly experienced IT Industry trainers offer training programs in Software Quality Assurance and UI Development. New Batch enrollments for QA and UI training starts from December 15th, 2018, and orientation is scheduled for December 15th from 10:00AM to 12:00 PM PST at Dublin. Candidates can attend orientation online or personal presence at the venue. Whitebox management will address the candidates and brief them about structure and work procedure  at the seminar. Candidates get to meet the Instructors of their respective courses to have a better perception of our course curriculum. Candidates showing up in-person for the orientation get to avail various discount offers at the time of enrollment. Location: 6500 DUBLIN BLVD #214, DUBLIN, CA 94568. Landmark: Near Namaste Plaza and Peacock Restaurant, Vamshi – 925-400-7330 |krishna…@w…com, Gautam – 925-557-1053 |gauta…@w…com. Thank You

Entrepreneur coding programs for youth

Python programming for kids – We have got creative programs to help youth to be more independent using the software as a platform:
If kid A grade/B grader or C-grader – we got programs for them.
We provide internship opportunities for qualified candidates. We nurture them to be qualified if they are not ready!
We mentor them for AP CS programs if their interest is in CS. We mentor them beyond just getting good scores.
We train younger kids for skill development using various coding programs anywhere from Scratch, Robotics, Python to Artificial intelligence, that can complement their interest in other STEM subjects are other activities such as sports, social service, Botany, medicine etc.,
In essence, we train them for “beyond grades” for the real-world, using the software as a platform.
Please check out what we offer and work done by youth, please check out here :

Training Program for UI/UX Programming

Call Today – 925-400-7330 / 925-400-8330
Enroll Now.
UI/UX Programming
• Rest API with Node.js Express.js
• Real time applications with Node.js, Socket.IO
• MERN Stack, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js
• MEAN Stack, MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js
• Async Distributed applications with Node.jS ZMQ
• JavaScript (ES5/ES6/ES7/ES8) to build your own modules
• OAuth Authentication, CSS3, HTML5 APIs, Bootstrap
• MongoDB, Redis using Model Router Controller Pattern
• Component Model Front end development using React.js and Redux
• Instructor Led Classroom Training
• Regular Mock Interview Session
• Online Assignments and Question
• Timed Quiz and Video Interview
• Online Access using Webinar
• Portal for every Course
• Online Notes and Presentation
Visit our training portal TODAY to access free recordings:
Free Student Access:
Enter a valid school provided email address with .edu to access the entire Courses

App development camp for beginners from July 16

Hi, tri valley community
I am a high schooler who is delighted to announce that I am going to be doing another a 1-week course.
about introduction to App development for 4-8th graders starting July 16.
Monday to Thursday from 10 AM – Noon .
This camp will be held at my home in Dublin, CA.
I will only accept the first 10 people who directly contact me first.
In my programming life so far, I have learned Python, Java, C#, and web development on my own through a series of online courses I have taken. I have helped teach coding before at a non-profit organization/club called Tri-Valley coderdojo. I have helped mentor kids in Python, Scratch and HTML.
– Must bring laptops
– Android devices (Optional)
– Parents welcome to stay (Optional)
Introductory fee: $80 a week
If interested in this course which starts next week, pls reply or sms me at 925-389-4175
due to the amount of characters I can have at max I am unable to post the details of this but if you would like to details please sms me as I already gave the number

Learn the Fundamentals of Programming

-Are you struggling with learning a programming language? Your teacher at school is teaching too fast or already assumes you know a lot so skip over important things?
-You have started coding but aren’t sure if what you are doing is correct?
-You understand the concepts but unsure how to implement them in code?
-You have spent hours writing a program but it does not work as intended?
If you or your loved one wants to learn to code and have fun at the same time you are at the right place.
I have a decade of experience writing and troubleshooting code and mentoring junior developers ramp up. I can teach all major programming like PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript and Scala.
I promise to make learning a programming language fun and easy, so at the end of the day you want to learn more and create something with what you have learnt.
Please contact me to so we can know more about each other.

Learn coding from industry experts

Learn coding from industry experts at
New batches start every week Mon through Sun for all classes. We are a large group of industry experts from Silicon Valley changing the way training programs are inputted into the community. Our programs are geared towards educating the used cases of technology that can empower you to strengthen or change your career path. Contact: inf…@s…com (408)505-5499
2603 Camino Ramon, Ste 200 San Ramon CA United States 94583

YoungWonks: Coding and Engineering for Kids and Teens

YoungWonks Pleasanton LogoYoungWonks is Bay Area’s leading Coding and Engineering Program for Kids and Teens. YoungWonks studnets have won more engineering and coding accolades than any other school or after-school program in the Bay Area.
Its a steps and levels based year round program with world’s most comprehensive computer science curriculum, designed for kids and teens.
To know more about our curriculum and teaching methodology, you may also check the below 1 minute video:

YoungWonks students recently won first prize at the US National Robotics Competition. See the winning run at:

YoungWonks Programs can be attended at its Pleasanton, CA center or Online from anywhere in the world. In-person classes have 4:1 student teacher ratio and are 1.5 hours long. Online classes are one-on-one with a live instructor and are 45 minutes long.
To enroll or attend a free trial class please visit:
or Call: 855-966-5756

UI/UX Programming and QA/QE Training

Instructor Led Classroom Training, Regular Mock Interview Session, Online Assignments and Question,Timed Quiz and Video Interview, Online Access using Webinar, Portal for every Course, Online Notes and Presentation.
Areas covered include Rest API with Node.js, Angular.js, MongoDB, QA, SDLC, SQL,PL/SQL, Agile, Scrum, Architectures, Automation testing, Mobile testing, etc.
Free Student Access: Enter a valid school provided email address with .edu to access the entire Courses
6500, Dublin Blvd, Suite #214 C, Dublin, CA 94568, 925-400-7330

Job-Oriented in-person and online training by experienced Consultants

Big Data Free Demo  Date: 12/19/2016,  6 PM PST. In addition, Job-oriented Tableau, QA, BA and BI – Tableau Training is available for aspiring IT/Non-IT people. Weekly free DEMO is available. Even if you are non-IT, we can train in manual QA/Automation QA and do placement assistance or provide you Intern jobs in our projects. Intern job available for QA trainees after the training in east bay through us.
Big Data Course Summary:
Hadoop VM Setup
Understanding Hadoop and Bigdata
Hadoop Architecture
Hadoop MapReduce Framework
Analytics with PIG and HIVE
Oozie Workflows
Introduction To Apache Spark and Scala
Install Apache Spark on cluster
Running Apache Spark Code
Apache Spark with YARN

Looking forward to Meet you in Class.
Location: 5776 Stoneridge Mall Rd, Suite 178, Pleasanton, CA 94588-2826
Contact: Reliance Transition Systems Inc. email: Trainin…@r…com 925 322 3131 925 399 4063. Registration for inquiry/DEMO sessions:

Java Camp for High/Middle Schoolers

“Last fifteen years Java has consistently been either number one or two” – According to the TIOBE Index, Java is the Most Popular Language in 2015. Source:
In local east bay- Java Training by 10+ Years IT expert + UC college students for High/Middle schoolers. The training location is conveniently located just across Stoneridge mall. 25-hours + Project work training is only $499. Online training is also available if interested just for $399.
Reliance Transition Systems Inc.
[email protected]
925 322 3131 (or) 925 399 4063
In addition, Job-Oriented Tableau, QA, BA, BigData/Hadoop and BI Training is available for aspiring IT/Non-IT people. Weekly free DEMO is available. Even if you are non-IT, we can train in manual QA/Automation QA and do placement assistance or provide you Intern jobs in our projects.

QA, BA and BI/Analytics/Tableau Training

Job-Oriented training by 15+Years US experienced consultants to teach QA, Data Science and Big Data in Pleasanton. Please contact [email protected] or (925) 322 3131 for further questions. We will have a Free DEMO session to give overview.
Registration for inquiry/DEMO sessions:
BI/Data Course starting on 10/24. QA JAVA Selenium Starts on 10/12, 10/19. 10/26. BA Starts on 10/25

BI/Analytics Course Content:
– Week 1: Basics of Data management, Importance of Data, Data Governance, Data Modelling, Datawarehouse, Introduction of Data Science, What is Data Science?, Machine learning, Statistical modelling, Careers in the market place.
– Week 2 & 3:Technology/Tools, Data Movement/Integration tools (Informatica, ODI etc.,), Data refinement/analysis tools (Cognos, OBIEE, Splunk etc.,), Data science tools (python, R etc.,), Data visualization tools (Tableau, Power BI, Qlick etc.,), Bigdata (Hadoop, HIVE, PIG, SCALA, SPARK etc.,)
– Week 4:Business Analytics, Business Analysis, Customer Analytics, People Analytics, Accounting Analytics.
– Week 5: Project work
Thanks, Govind [(925) 322 3131]

Free Technology Bootcamp Nov 7 Sat

Where: Embassy Suites, 2885 Lakeside Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Date: Nov 7, 2015
Sat: 9am-11pm –> Big Data
– Big Data Industry Trend Overview, Hadoop Framework and Tools, Apache Spark, Apache Storm , Solr
Sat: 11-1pm –> Web Dev
– Web Development frameworks, MVC, Ruby on Rails, Angular .js, PHP
Sat: 2-4pm –> DevOps
– Intro to DevOps, Cloud computing, Dockers, Container technology Jenkins, Chef, AWS etc
Sat: 4-6 pm –> Data Science
– R, Python, Spark and Hadoop for Data Science applications
Email: Learning Bamboo : learningbambo…@g…com

Get kids excited about Coding and Technology – Free Event

Come and experience how you can take advantage of Raspberry Pi, Robotics, Games, etc. to get kids excited about technology and innovation.
Free Event –Very Limited seats.
Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (PDT), Pleasanton, CA
Register at: 2x2Front YoungWonks
Will showcase:youngwonks_small_size
Raspberry Pi
Automation possibilities with Raspberry Pi
Robotics with Raspberry Pi and Python Programming
Scratch Programming
3D Modelling
Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer which can be used to create cool electronics projects. We use Python programming for all Raspberry Pi projects. Its a great way to develop interest in technology and learn coding.
Parents/Guardians are required to be with their kids at all times.
To know more about YoungWonks or the programs we offer call 855-966-5756 or inf…@w…com