Why do desi women stare at other desi women?

This is a call for all young and old Desi women who have an extremely odd and annoying habit of STARING at you – provided if you also happen to be an Indian woman. Any time you turn around anywhere – at Costco or a restaurant or your neighborhood – you will find a Desi woman staring at you – up and down. If at Costco, the Desi woman will first give you a thorough stare and then at your cart – in case she is missing out anything that you have.

Understood that Desis by nature are judgmental, but the stare is an entitlement. So to all the wannabe Desi behenjis of the Trivalley – STOP STARING AT OTHER INDIAN WOMEN!!!!

2 thoughts on “Why do desi women stare at other desi women?”

  1. Well said , bravo .One more thing From my experience,
    Stop asking “where in india are you from “ . If you like me talk to me , if don’t then it should not matter only because I speak your language.Do you get along with all people of your state ?

    1. Desi housewives have the easiest life in the US (compared to Black and Latino women). Greedy and wannabes (who, NEVER, will be!) are the ones who stare with entitlement. Annoying as they are, they feel entitled to look right at you. Either it is their limited brains, or an obvious lack of class, that don’t let then realize that staring at another is bad manners! I’ve never felt so objectified in India as here, in the Bay Area, by fake and desperately wannabe Desi women. Costco experiences are the funniest. I had a Desi Behenji follow me and my cart throughout the place – she wanted to be at every aisle I was, even if she had no business there. Over the years, these Desi Behenjis have upped their “skill” of eyeing and staring at you from afar. Don’t be surprised if you catch a Desi Behenji staring right at you and what you pick from half a mile at the other end of the aisle – she doesn’t want to waste a second of missing the ONLY life’s purpose she has – staring at another Desi woman!

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