Take a Survey on a Universal Basic Income To Create Change

I am a student at Fallon Middle School in Dublin, California, and I am working on a Civic Actions Project (CAP) to try to change policy and instate a Universal Basic Income into California state legislature with a group. We have already contacted several state authorities on this matter, including the Department of Finance. Our goal is to find a tangible solution to Californian issues such as poverty and job loss. A Universal Basic Income is a possible solution to these problems.
If you want to help make a potential change in California, please take our survey: click here.
It will take only seconds of your time — but it could make a gigantic difference in our approach to policy change!
Thank you for your time and consideration. Let’s look, together, towards a future where everyone has an opportunity to do well — and the funds to do it!
— Fallon Middle School CAP Team VHCB

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