New to tri-valley – how is the life for kids?

Hello, I am a mom with 2 kids moving from Greater Boston. I would like to know the life of kids in California (espl. tri-valley) – with so many Indian families and kids and great weather, do kids get a chance to play outside everyday – Can I see communities where kids are outside playing? I really miss that here in my community here. I am wondering how is life for the ┬ákids there? Are they constantly in shuttle between classes – How do the after school program look like – it is mostly enrichment and less play? If someone ┬ácan give me a perspective it will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Welcome to Tri Valley from Boston.
    I moved here from NYC in 2012. Initially the moved felt like a wrong decision, but slowly Bay Area and Tri Valley have grown on me. Weather being on our side for almost 10 months, it seems fair to say that outdoors is what makes californian tax payer$$ time worth here. School district is good, but there aren’t many after school learning centers offering a wide variety of programs, which is why i decided to open a after school learning center in pleasanton. if u can give time to your kids and drive them around for 1 or 2 outdoor sports activities and enroll them in art class and homework club then you should find a prefect balance of indoor and outdoor activities for your kids.

    Good luck,

  2. Hi There,

    Welcome to the community. We moved here in 2000 and raised three children. Its a great place for children. Weather is not that great right now but its mostly nice , much better than east cost. Children play outside in neighborhoods and in the local parks. We have some nice parks in the area. Please check this website for afterschool activities, it offers homework club and enrichment activities, all included in one package. I am the owner, please feel free to contact me at 925-236-0572 if you have any questions.
    Ekta Sethi

  3. Welcome to the area! It’s a great suburb, with great weather, very cosmopolitan. There is a lot of outdoors, and not necessarily outdoors in the sense of hiking and climbing and kayaking. But great parks for growing kids, where you want to take them every evening. Friendly people – some of our closest friends are ones we met in the parks seven years back! There is definitely a trend to take kids to many classes, but you can always draw your line there. It’s not pressurizing. There are lots of after school care programs of all kinds – and increasing due to, perhaps, increasing demand.
    I know of a couple of friends who have cul de sacs, and kids play there outside all the time. Another where there are so many Indians in the neighborhood that’s it’s very normal for your child to go out and play around in other houses for hours together. This winter is, fortunately, seeing more rains, though in clearer weather, bicycling is big too. There are a couple good lakes close by, some simple hiking trails. But best is the parks. You’ll enjoy if your kids are in that age group – and will want to go out every evening in summers. Welcome again!

  4. Wow, wonderful responses! Thanks all very much.

    I read a lot online about school over flow and over crowding. How do you feel about the school system in the tri-valley? Do you enrich the students with afterschool tutoring? Are the teachers /principal kind/friendly? I am coming from a good school district here – am wondering how it is out there. Do the schools focus on other extra curriculars Arts, Music, Athletics , Clubs other than academics (Espl. in middle school/high school)? Thanks!

  5. Schools are great! Teachers and Principals are all focused on holistic development of children. There are music, art, and sports teams/programs to join. Parents are highly encouraged to participate and volunteer for the betterment of their children’s education. What are the ages of your children and what activities are they interested in? My daughters were in band and golf teams.

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