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Full time nanny required in Danville, CA

We need a full time Nanny who can help with some household work such as cooking, laundry, light cleaning etc.  Nanny needs to have own transportation arrangements. Individual will take care of a 7 month old staring above/Dec. Location: Danville, CA. Close to Blackhawk Plaza.

Looking for Part-time help – Dublin

I am looking for a part-time helper between 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, Monday to Friday and babysitting on weekends.  I prefer someone who can drive and lives close to Dublin area. I am looking for help with
1. Cooking/ Preparing, Cutting vegetables
2. Cleaning Kitchen and living room, and dishes
3. Vacuuming once a week
4. Babysitting (toddler) on Saturday (4-5 hrs – if needed)
Please contact me at souji…@g…com if interested.