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Poor Behavior – Desis at Regal Cinema – Dublin

My family and I were at the Regal Cinema in Dublin on Christmas even watching the Hobbit. Halfway through the movie, a cell phone rang in the row behind us.

Guess what – the doofus picked up the phone and continued the conversation. Several of us looked back and glared. But nothing could stop our young Desi professional. Until i raised my voice and threatened to call security. His friends also urged him but the call was obviously so important that he had to continue to sprawl in his seat and continue the conversation in the middle of the theater.

I know there are a ton of discussions on racism and poor behavior. But many of our own professionals behave abysmally but expect perfect behavior from others. I was quite disgusted by this persons behavior halfway though a movie that started with multiple statements to turn off cell phones. Perhaps they should also have warnings about not answering them. That way the 90 IQ heavyweights may actually get it.

A rather pissed off moviegoer.