Special math tutoring in winter break

Hi all. I am Sri Priya. I am providing 1 on 1 math tutoring for students from all grades starting from 1st grade to 10th. I teach pre-algebra, algebra-1, algebra-2, geometric concepts, trigonometry, calculus. Classes will be more conceptual oriented and worksheets will be given for further practice. Training for special aptitude exams is also provided.
If interested, please contact me on 9253210832 or email me at sripriya.pemtapall…@g…com for further details.

One thought on “Special math tutoring in winter break”

  1. Hello Priya,
    Are you fully aware of the Common Core curriculum for Pleasanton and Dublin school district? If yes then please reply here or call me on 925 549 4424. I may have an interesting job proposal for you.

    Please call and we can talk more.

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