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Summer Math BootCamp – Math tutoring

Hai All, 1-on-1 math tutoring, for kids from grades 1 to 10.
All the way long, math has been a major part of my education & career. Math being my favorite subject, i choose to take up tutoring classes. I enjoy math, and most importantly, i enjoy working with kids. Classes will be more conceptual oriented, aiming at making the concepts easy & clear to the students. So if you are looking for a math tutor, then you can contact me at “sripriya.pentapall…@s…com” or call me at “925-321-0832”. Location Pleasanton.
Classes are more advantageous for the students, since they are 1-on-1. Timings are flexible depending on the availability.
Basic math topics for kids who want to strengthen their fundamentals:  fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, statistics, simple geometry, areas & perimeters, Integers, etc. High school math topics : All the common core topics, Pre-algebra, Algebra-1, Algebra-2, Pre-calculus, Calculus, geometry, trigonometry, etc.
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Special math tutoring in winter break

Hi all. I am Sri Priya. I am providing 1 on 1 math tutoring for students from all grades starting from 1st grade to 10th. I teach pre-algebra, algebra-1, algebra-2, geometric concepts, trigonometry, calculus. Classes will be more conceptual oriented and worksheets will be given for further practice. Training for special aptitude exams is also provided.
If interested, please contact me on 9253210832 or email me at sripriya.pemtapall…@g…com for further details.

Math classes available

Hi, I am Sripriya studying my Master’s and I am an engineering graduate .Mathematics has always been my favorite subject and I will be more than willing to take Math classes to children with extreme dedication due to the deep interest in the subject.I am going to start taking Math classes from the first week of June.Request you to please contact me for further information.
Thank you
Phone : 925 321 0832
email: smiles.priya0…@g…com