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Love eating out in Indian restaurants, and have tried many?
Share your experience with the community by selecting which food do you like, where. Or simply 'Vote Up' one if it's already there.

Note, the food list* is not from the restaurant menus. It's how we might think of the food when deciding where to eat out.


1 Shalimar 3 Vote Up
2 Biryaniz 1 Vote Up

Chana Bhatura

1 Chaat Bhavan 7 Vote Up
2 Chaat Cafe 3 Vote Up
3 Sri Venkatesh Bhavan 2 Vote Up

Desi Pizza

1 Tandoori Pizza 4 Vote Up
2 Curry Pizza House 1 Vote Up

Dinner Buffet

1 Thali 1 Vote Up


1 Sri Venkatesh Bhavan 5 Vote Up
2 Thali 1 Vote Up

Gobi Manchurian

1 Peacock Indian Cuisine 3 Vote Up
2 Chaat Bhavan 1 Vote Up

Indian Fusion Food

1 Curry Kona 1 Vote Up


1 Inchin`s Bamboo Garden 4 Vote Up
2 Ananda Bhavan 2 Vote Up
3 Paradise Biryani Pointe 2 Vote Up
4 Cafe Tazaa 1 Vote Up

Lunch Buffet

1 Thali 3 Vote Up
2 Blue Fox Indian Cuisine 1 Vote Up
3 Biryaniz 1 Vote Up

Lunch Specials

1 Chaat Cafe 3 Vote Up

North Indian Naan+Curries

1 Curry Cravings 2 Vote Up

Saag Makki

1 Chaat Bhavan 2 Vote Up


1 Cake and Bake 1 Vote Up

Seekh Kebabs

1 Shalimar 2 Vote Up

South Indian Dosa+Curries

1 Amaravati House 1 Vote Up

Tandoori Platter

1 Paradise Biryani Pointe 2 Vote Up

Tea Masala Chai

1 Cake and Bake 2 Vote Up

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