Visiting Mridangam Artist Offers Classes in Pleasanton

An acclaimed Mridangam Teacher, Vidwan H.S. Sudhindra is visiting and staying in Pleasanton from August 12-Sept 10.  He will teach beginning and advanced students privately or group.  Workshops are beginning August 12.
Classes are intense and rewarding.  For this month are $45/hour for private regular classes  and $35/group and can be offered 3x/week for maximum intensity.  Price for classes from India will continue a $25/class/hour.
Ages 7- Adult
Space is limited
For vocalists he offers layam classes and “understanding Thani” workshops

  • Enhancing Kriti Rendition: Sing Kriti’s with awareness of mridangam
  • Layam Enhancment: Improving Layam by Learning Interactive layam exercises Adi and MisraChaapu Talams
  • Music Appreciation: Appreciating the Structure of Thani: “How to identify Nadais and Korvais”

Please contact Mohan at bambooflut…@z…com
Phone: 650-288-7491

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