Curious Learning Preschool and Afterschool..


Curious Learning:  Preschool & After School:         LIC 015744002
I am a certified teacher with 7+ years of teaching experience.. For the past 8 years on words, I have been working as a Math, English, and Abacus Teacher at BestBrains
Option:1       Preschool,   8:30-12:30 AM
Option:2       Preschool + Daycare, 8:30-6:00
Option:3.      After  school  from   5+
Option:4       One  hour classes     4:00-7:00 PM
Math  Classes: ages: 3-9,   English Classes : Ages: 3-7,  Abacus Classes:  age 6+
SpringHouse dr, Pleasanton-Phone:- 7179036214, [email protected]

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