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Get your Kid up to Speed in School – Dublin, Trivalley

gEt Ur kiD up to spEEd in school – Dublin, trivalley – I’ll offer teaching/training/tutoring for your kids on one-on-one basis to get them up to speed and excel in school. Subjects include all and all from LANGUAGE ARTS to the CORE SCIENCES for kids in K through 5th grade. I teach preschool kids in my current position and deal with typical, atypical and special needs kids. Language of instruction: ENGLISH, HINDI & TELUGU.
I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist. Heck! ask me about language acquisition and language confusion without a vacillation!
I’ll also provide for and facilitate language acquisition and learning (to speak, read, & write) for the above mentioned languages (Telugu, Hindi, and English).
geographical area of interest: Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, and Danville.
Call or/and email me only if you are serious (will and wish) and willing to part with some scant time on your end, $75/week, and a bit of confusion! Hoping to talk and connect.

Tutoring/after school tuition/Home Tutoring in DUBLIN

TUTORING (multi lingual, culture sensitive, learner oriented)

I can help with the following:
K – 6th grade:Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and all other content areas including Math, Science, History.
7th – 8th grade:History/Social Studies, Science, Writing, all other content areas.
All grades: Homework help; catching up; Special needs (speech/language therapy)

Preformal education for younger than school age kids & help with Speech/Language Impediments.
Language medium of instruction: English
Language medium of support/scaffolding: English, Telugu, & Hindi
Flexible with home/individual tutoring.
contact: [email protected]