Reviews of Springhouse Apartments and Archstone Emerald Apartments

Hi All, Anyone living in Springhouse Apartments and Archstone Emerald Apartments, please help us with their reviews are they good enough to live-in. We are searching for 1 bed 1 bath.
Thanks, Vibhor

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  1. Springhouse, Eaves, Hacienda Commons doesn’t portray a clean, elegant on-premises feel though, to my limited knowledge, has a sizable Indians. Archstone Hacienda and Archstone Emerald has a lot better aura overall and probably decent size of desi tenants. After a month ……. and a half of viewing, reviewing here is my take on the area apts:

    Criteria: lot of Indian tenants
    Tier I: Eaves, Archstone Hacienda, Hacienda Commons

    Tier II: Springhouse, Stoneridge, Iron Horse Trail, Park Siera, Emerald Park, Cottonwood, Parkwood, Archstone Emerald

    Criteria: bang for the buck
    Park Siera, Iron Horse Trail, Cottonwood, Emerald park
    (all in DUBLIN)

    Criteria: expensive for what they offer
    Springhouse, Gatewood, Eaves, Hacienda Commons, Stoneridge

    Of course, all of the apartments included here are extremely convenient, centered around all the big employers in the area, close to shopping, entertainment, and a lot more which anybody might want to get involved in. They are all close to the intersection of I-580 & I-680.

  2. Hi Vibhor,

    If you can, share your thoughts or decisions you’ve made pertinent to renting/relocation in view of helping others who may pass by this thread.

  3. hello Everyone,

    I am new to this group. We are thinking of moving form South Bay to Pleasanton for schools. And thinking of renting either in Eaves or Archstone. Can you please give me your suggestion about these complex and schools.

    We prefer Indian community around us. If you know any other apartments in Pleasanton then please do share that information as well !!

    Thank you so much in advance to everyone for your help !

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