Relocating from South Bay (San Jose) to Trivalley

hi there,
I am very glad to have discovered this site. I currently work in San Jose area, and have one kid 4 years old, and planned to buy real estate, but feel it is very expensive, and not getting the value for the dollar.

I would like to relocate to the Trivalley area, preferably where there is very good Indian community, especially where the elementary schools are good, and good after school activities for kids. I am open to both condo/Townhome complexes where it is dense, but good indoor facilities should be there like gym, kids activity etc.

Two options for me:
1. What is the best apartment complex to rent, preferably closer to South Bay and to BART. Looking for under $2300 for a 2bd/2ba apartment/condo
2. If I were to purchase a home in 600K to 700K range, what area do you suggest.
Really appreciate all your feedback.


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  1. We moved to tri valley area after 10 years in south bay in 2011. We absolutely love it here! We were able to buy a 5 bed house with a big back yard for $730k. We live in the city of San Ramon and I can tell you all the cities within tri valley are great. The schools are top notch all the way till high school. Kids related infrastructure for extra curricular activities is also great. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of each city.
    Closest to south bay
    Nice downtown with lots of restaurants
    Charming older homes
    Better sports program at schools

    Not as many desis as San Ramon or Dublin
    Most expensive in trivalley
    Lack of newer homes.

    San Ramon
    Best schools
    Lots of newer homes in East San Ramon.
    Charming older homes in West San Ramon.
    Bishop Ranch business park with lot of big employers.
    New downtown which will be built by 2016.
    Huge desi community

    Further away from south bay.
    Huge desi community 🙂
    Competitive schools
    Almost as expensive as Pleasanton.

    Most affordable of the 3 cities
    Huge desi population and options for desi restaurants
    Big box retailers
    Newer homes in East Dublin

    West Dublin schools are not up to tri valley level.
    Too many condos
    Lack of real downtown

    Good luck!

  2. I agree with Sunil’s comment. I have been in San Ramon since 1989 when it was a small town. We moved to San Ramon from San Jose/Milpitas area because it was small yet beautiful with green hills. We still ahve them but not as much. City has evolved. My husband worked in South Bay and he still is and we still love San Ramon and we call it home.
    San Ramon Schools: San Ramon School District (Alamo, Danville, San Ramon) has been always excellent for over 25 years. Every year it does better.
    Housing: San Ramon has a lot of new homes in the East Side or better known as Windemere and Gale Ranch. It is a Master Planned Development. Windemere has higher property taxes as much as 1.80%. Rest of the San Ramon has 1.25%. The Gale Ranch and Windemere communities have a lot of Indians and Asians as compared to other West side of the San Ramon. There are newer homes in West side of the San Ramon closer to Hills. The Older homes are well maintained and have huge yards.
    Large Businesses: AT & T, Chevron Corporate Office, Toyota, San Ramon Medical etc are located in Bishop Ranch and there are many other medium companies located in San Ramon.
    San Ramon Does not have a down town per se, but has ample of eateries. Over all the City is financially very stable. The City is building a new City center at the junction of Bollinger Canyon & Camino Tassajara.

    Dublin: is in between San Ramon & Pleasanton. East side of Dublin has come up in past 8-10 years with new homes, shopping centers, businesses etc.

    Homes: A lot of condos and single family homes – new mostly in the East and old in the West.
    Food: There are ample of eateries, Restaurants, Indian and Asians stores in Dublin. Just take a drive on Dublin Blvd starting from San Ramon Valley Blvd to East side and you will find a lot of stores. Schools: Newer Schools are doing much better academically with younger population than the Westside Dublin; however the Westside has improved a lot as compared to few years ago. There is one high School on Village Parkway and it is renovated and looks beautiful. They expect to build one more soon in the East Dublin area.
    Pleasanton: This is the closest city to south Bay. Has very few new homes; however there are many nice older homes. Pleasanton has a cute down town and small shops. Nice eateries too. You might pay more for a older home in Pleasanton then in San Ramon.
    School: Pleasanton School District covers Pleasanton only and they are good. Lesser Indian population than San Ramon & Dublin.
    Please feel free to contact me should you have more questions. I am in the mortgage lending business. If you need a recommendation of a realtor, please feel free to contact me.

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