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Relocating from South Bay (San Jose) to Trivalley

hi there,
I am very glad to have discovered this site. I currently work in San Jose area, and have one kid 4 years old, and planned to buy real estate, but feel it is very expensive, and not getting the value for the dollar.

I would like to relocate to the Trivalley area, preferably where there is very good Indian community, especially where the elementary schools are good, and good after school activities for kids. I am open to both condo/Townhome complexes where it is dense, but good indoor facilities should be there like gym, kids activity etc.

Two options for me:
1. What is the best apartment complex to rent, preferably closer to South Bay and to BART. Looking for under $2300 for a 2bd/2ba apartment/condo
2. If I were to purchase a home in 600K to 700K range, what area do you suggest.
Really appreciate all your feedback.