New Yoga Sessions For Women – Gale Ranch

Hello, Namaste,
I’m starting New Yoga Sessions for Women in Gale Ranch community in San Ramon.

  • Timings: Tuesday / Friday , 7 – 8 pm
  • Tuesday, July 8th is the free Trial Class. Do confirm that you are attending.

Each class is one hour long, it will include Asanas for building strength and losing weight, it will also include Pranayama practices for stress relief and relaxation. The course is for 10 classes.
I’m a certified Yoga & Pranayama Instructor and have been teaching for around 8 years.
Do contact me at 510-229-8038 or email me for more info.
My blog:
Asha Venkatarao

One thought on “New Yoga Sessions For Women – Gale Ranch”

  1. I am interested for Tuesday if it is a beginner class. Is it 10 classes including Friday or 10 once a week class? I have reservation about Friday because it is the beginning of the weekend.

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