New Taco Bell opens at Fallon Gateway

This new Taco Bell location opened on Saturday, May the 13th. The idea of a brand new Taco Bell in a newly ‘minted’ store/construction can be more appealing in reality when you enter there than one would imagine otherwise. It’s fresh, clean, and new (try recall any other Taco Bell, and you would know what I mean).  Hopefully, it will stay like that for a couple of years. The furniture –  the chairs and tables, are definitely a couple of notches up as well. Think Chipotle or Mod Pizza. It may be standard now, but this one does have the TV screens for presenting the menu at the register.
Customer service was great. Got to know it’s opened by one Sandy Singh of Jingle Bells. Read up that it’s one of the fastest growing YUM brand Franchisee in the East bay area. Good job.

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