Iron Horse Trail Ped Crossing on Hacienda

The Iron Horse Trail Pedestrian Crossing on Hacienda. Is it good for pedestrians and cyclists, or is outweighed by the nuisance it creates for the passing traffic?
It’s a good idea to make it easy to cross this prominent Trail. But the reality is that there are Oracle and Kaiser offices on one side and bunch of apartments on the other side. That makes a large number of people cross the Hacienda Dr. at that point (more than the people who would use the trail as a trail, as the planners may have thought). The red light for vehicular traffic stays red for a long time. So there are times during the day when the traffic has to stop for long periods because there is some pedestrian or another, and of course, no one is shy of pressing that button!
Perhaps the Pleasanton traffic planners need to study this better and come up with a better solution.

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