Looking for Tamil Tutor for 4 year old boy

looking for a Tamil speaking tutor for my son. He does go to CTA but I am looking for more focused teaching. I am looking for someone who can teach basic everyday talking Tamil vs. Sutha or Elakana Tamil. Looking for 1-2 sessions a week. Must have prior experience teaching. Please email me jayashree.mis…@g…com if interested or need more details.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Tamil Tutor for 4 year old boy”

  1. Vanakkam.i am a South Indian girl from Madurai.i am 21years old and I will be in dublin as a student of DBS college.i am looking for part time jobs that use my skills.i don’t have experience but I have scored good marks in Tamil language and I can speak write read and understand Tamil.i will be able to fulfil your needs.if you can consider helping a student you can hire me as a tutor to teach your kid.i can manage my expenses without being a burden to may parents.nandri!

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