Tutoring for STEM, SAT, Coding and more for all ages

This is Srinidhi Vusirikala and I am currently a sophomore studying Bioengineering at Santa Clara University. I am writing this post advertising my tutoring services at GOAT Tutors!
I like helping people and spreading my existing knowledge to others. Having a younger brother, I grew up pursuing this as a hobby. Moreover, I officially have been teaching for 6 years including robotics and currently teaching coding in python and scratch for middle schoolers. I am also adept in STEM subjects having received a high GPA throughout school and now college. Currently, I am trying out tutoring as a part-time job.
As a tutor on the platform, I am offering tutoring in subjects including Coding, SAT, Physics, Math, Chemistry, Chess and Readings for all ages from elementary to high school. If your child is interested, I would be more than happy to be able to tutor them!!
Below is the tutoring link where they can sign up: https://goattutors.com/book?tutorId=gkeZ4Sun3UbQDrwUfYpEcHl0Vcv2
I hope to tutor you child soon!
Srinidhi Vusirikala

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