Looking for Friends in Pleasanton

Hello, I am Nivedha and i recently moved to Pleasanton. I am from Tamil Nadu and I have a 10 month’s old baby. I’m looking to make friends for myself and my daughter. Please contact me if anyone’s interested. Looking forward to meet some 🙂 Thanks

5 thoughts on “Looking for Friends in Pleasanton”

  1. Hi Nivedha,
    I am new to Pleasanton area as well. I am originally from Chennai and have a 6 month old son. Would love to connect sometime!

  2. Hi Nivedha, I live in Pleasanton. I am also looking for friends nearby. Have a 2 year old son. Would love to connect.

  3. Great, I will leave my phone number here as we can all connect – 6507722981. Pls whatsapp me or call me.

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