Literacy Academy for Middle and High School

coverpicjbDr. Jyothi Bathina has a Ph.D. in English, is a professor of education at California State University, and is the English Department Chair at the highly reputable and rigorous Quarry Lane School in Dublin. Dr. Bathina has been teaching for over a decade and has published five books and several articles on literacy and critical thinking in the top academic journals. She has presented nationally and internationally regarding effective education practices.
Beginning this fall, Dr. Bathina will be offering small group sessions for middle and high school students. Students will practice content a literacy, becoming highly effective readers, writers and thinkers in every academic subject. Students will also engage in critical thinking activities so that they can effortlessly navigate the world of school, and conquer the challenges of university admission and higher education.
Reading: By working in groups, students become skilled at decoding, comprehending, discussing and analyzing text.
Writing: Students will practice various forms of academic writing and implement their knowledge to write their own books and become published authors over the course of the academic year.
Classes will be held in San Ramon.
For more information and to register for classes, please contact Dr. Bathina at jbathin…@g…com.

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