Ivy Review College Entrance Seminar on Sunday 2/28

Are you losing sleep over college admissions with questions such as:
* How has COVID impacted college admissions?
* What summer activities should my son/daughter take?
* What courses should my child get involved with?
* How many AP classes should my child take?
* What if the school limits access to AP classes?
* Should my child take the SAT or ACT? Or Both?
* Does my child need to be well rounded or show depth in one area?
* What are the latest college admission trends? How can my child prepare for college?
If you have questions such as these, then the Ivy Review’s Popular College Entrance Seminar will provide you with answers. Ivy Review seminars are packed with practical information about what colleges look for and how you can prepare yourself to get into your dream college. This event is suitable for 7-12th grade students and their parents.
DATE: 2/28/2021 (Sunday)
TIME: 2PM Pacific Time

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