Freshly made rotis/paratha/pooris available

Hi if anyone needs freshly made rotis/parathas/pooris please let me know
Roti- 10 for $3 and 3 for $1
Plain parantha- 2 for $3 and 4 for $5
Any stuffed parantha(daal, aaloo, gobhi, pyaaz , mooli etc- 3 for $5
Poori (plain , methi , palak – 2 for $1 and 5 for $2
Paneer parantha- $2 each
Free delivery for min $10 order around Pleasanton in restricted areas….
Please contact me via email at mansi79200…@g…com

4 thoughts on “Freshly made rotis/paratha/pooris available”

    1. Hi!

      Could you please share your contact details? I’m looking for someone who can make rotis and paranthas. Thanks

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