Indian Drumming & Music Workshop

8-Jim-Santi_by--Mark--Engage your mind, hands, heart, & voice in learning the rhythms and melodies of the classical music traditions of India. These arts are taught through an oral tradition using vocal percussion syllables to teach drumming, dance & singing. Learn the poetic and mathematical patterns of Indian Percussion. Workshop is an engaging introduction to one of the world’s greatest classical arts traditions and will lay a strong foundation for future skills and concepts that increase focus & problem solving.
Mr. Owen is a percussionist, educator, producer & composer. Owen began training in the North Indian percussion instrument, tabla, studying at the Ali Akbar College of Music, at the CA Institute of the Arts, & in India. In 1995, Owen began studying South Indian percussion instruments. Owen holds a Master’s Degree in World Music from CA Institute of the Arts. In 1999, Owen received a fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies, which enabled him to spend 2.5 years living in India conducting research on percussion ensembles in India.
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* Instructor: Jim Santi Owen, Ali Akbar College of Music
*August 20th from 10:30am – 12:00pm
*Dougherty Station Community Center – 17011 Bollinger Canyon Road in San Ramon
*Workshop is open to children 7 and up as well as adults. Family participation is encouraged!
*Pre-registration is required (Activity #100354)
To register online pleaseclick here
For more information call 925-973-3200

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