Hindustani Vocals And Tabla Singing Lessons

I specialize in Vocal Training, Hindustani Classical Vocals, and Tabla Lessons. I am a trained Indian classical musician and performer. Fortunately, I belong to a family of musicians from India. I started learning Hindustani Classical music at the age 5.  I strongly believe that music has a positive influence on the neurological development of kids as well as adults. Music is a combination of Physics and Mathematics that creates positive Chemistry between the universe and us. Music is an art of expressing ideas and emotions in beautiful forms like rhythm, melody, tones, harmony, etc. For a right-handed person, the left side of the brain receives and processes the lyrics and the right side gets involved with melodies. Rhythm perception and processing are also functions of the right brain. So, in any classical music where only instruments are involved, wind or strings, along with percussions, the musical experience activates the right brain. “One size does not fit all” – I create a curriculum that is tailored to the individual needs and have fun while learning.
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name: Ganesh
email: [email protected]
phone: 6506450072

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