California Meditates – Take the meditation challenge

California Meditates – the meditation challenge comes to Dublin/San Ramon.
Get ready to meditate for 30 days – attend an Open House, get your questions answered, get updated about tools/support available. Its a novel wellness campaign (from the Art of Living Foundation), of empowering people from various backgrounds to use meditation as a practical & effective tool to increase one’s well-being and quality of life includes the following highlights: Easy to access Meditation sessions, Opportunities for Group Meditations, Gala Meditation Celebrations, etc.
California Meditates - Challenge - Art of Living 2012
Registration Fee waived till Feb 21.
When: Saturday, March 3, 2012 11:00 am
Where: ART OF LIVING – Tri Valley Center
6690 Amador Plaza Rd
Dublin, CA 94568

Official Website
Cost: $0.00 – $25.00

What/Why: The Meditation Challenge
Benefits of regular meditations include greater peace of mind, better focus, increased enthusiasm. A common question that a beginner or any others may ask is how to keep up the practice. The Meditation Challenge offers an opportunity to be guided into meditating daily with some consistency, for a month or less.

Easy, Convenient & Effective
Experience some benefits of meditation through a few days of practice. To support you the challenge offers
* Easy access to guided meditations
* Guidance from experts to help you have a better meditation experience.
* Fun, comraderie- Invite your friends/coworkers to the challenge.

How do I Get Started?
*Register for the challenge & meditate each day.
*Join us for group meditations each week.
*Win prizes each week as you complete the challenge

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