1.5% or below commissions to sell your home

Thinking of selling or buying a home? Then, think ONLY RAJI SAINI!
RAJI SAINI of California Realty Group is an ex-international flight attendant, mortgage consultant, and a realtor that provides excellent and most superior real estate services, which helps homeowners sell their home for top dollar and maximize their savings.
Brilliant marketing strategies, sharpest negotiating strategies, and stellar pursuit of perfection is EXACTLY what you need in your realtor. RAJI SAINI IS YOUR REALTOR!
Why compromise elsewhere and pay more too?
Contact RAJI SAINI today at 510-299-0382 or [email protected].
DRE # 01315214
California Realty Group
675 Hartz Ave, # 209
Danville, CA 94526

4 thoughts on “1.5% or below commissions to sell your home”

  1. It’s sad that some real estate agents only value-add is a discounted commission fee. From my experience, top dollar & low commissions don’t work together. Not sure how “brilliant” a marketing strategy can be. If you hire a bargain agent, expect trashy results.

    1. Hello Barry. Thank you for sharing your feedback and thoughts. I am an ex-international flight attendant with 21 years experience in real estate, both as a realtor and as a mortgage consultant. I assure you, this one advertisement of discounted commissions is just one of the many value-adds I offer my clients. My hard work, commitment, and dedication to my clients’ top dollar is not defined by lower commissions I charge. I work just as hard, if not harder, than a realtor that charges full commission. In July, I was featured in the Top Agent Magazine, and that’s because I deliver top results, not trashy results. I have built a business based on relationships, and not based on fees. I am sorry if you had a poor experience in the past. Please feel free to call me at 510-299-0382 and I will be happy to share with you how I perform my services without being limited by fees. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

      1. I’m not sure that I understand how being a flight attendant helps sell houses, but that is beyond me. After reading this I looked you up online. Between your Yelp reviews and the other things that come up, I would prefer to look into the thousands of other options, many that also discount their services.

        1. Thanks again Barry for sharing your feedback and thoughts. I was a flight attendant with the world’s # 1 airline Cathay Pacific Airways. During my tenure with them, I learned world class hospitality, which I use in real estate. From the first time I meet home buyers at the open house, I treat them like royalty, and this has enabled me to help buyers fall in love with the home, because the experience they enjoy in the open house and thereafter with me is very unique, superior and exceptional. After they fall in love with the home, then they feel they must own it. This is the reason I shared with you my past experience as an international flight attendant. Most certainly, you have many choices when it comes to the realtor you could choose. I sincerely hope you explore my services too as a part of your selection process. I shall consider your exploration an honor and a great opportunity. It’s only wise to make a thoroughly educated decision. Please feel free to call me at 510-299-0382. Thank you.

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