Cafe Tazza in Dublin

Cafe Tazza is a bakery, snack cafe, and a fast food restaurant in the heart of Dublin, near busy Hacienda area. It’s one of the older restaurants that have done well over the years. It was the informal place to go to before others showed up in the area.
The owners purchased next door Haveli and recently combined together the seating to create a rather large seating area – helping with the squeezed up seating available inside or outside of the cafe.
They have a great menu and offer some great fare. Cafe Tazza is one place where you can get the entire range – non-veg to eggless cakes, Indo-Chinese to Dosa, Pizza to Shakes.
They supply bakery to local grocery stores. Favorites are Haka Noodles, Gobi Manchurian, Chana Bhatura, Masala Chai, and Bakery/Sweets. Visit for a relaxed no pressure sit-down. But it’s a busy place over all – with foot traffic and cars from near by grocery store, kids’ after school classes, etc.

Address: 4584 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568 Ph: (925) 560-9830
Their email doesn’t work.

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