Astro2Sphere Astrology Service in Tri-Valley

Pandit Sanjay K Bakshi is a well-known person in the field of Divine Science and Vedic Astrology and has extensive knowledge of palmistry as well as Divine Science. He heals through Mantras Chanting and has vast Knowledge of Vastu Shastra. His predictions are based on the rulership (Planets) as well as Nakshatras (Stars). He has knowledge of KP System. Since he has knowledge of both the systems his predictions are very accurate. He is well renowned in both USA and also in India.

He is settled in USA, CA (Bay Area). He was involved in Vedic Astrology and Palmistry since 1986. He writes his own articles in magazines and posts on his web site. He is extremely passionate about his work and holds pride in what he does. His analyses are very accurate. Currently, he is working on research on Medical astrology as well as Global current weather conditions.

Astro2Sphere Research Center (510) 672 3648, (510) 257 4345 Email: Astro2spher…@g…com

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