New book “Hindu Surgery and Sushruta” by local author

San Francisco Bay area local author Swati Mhaiskar has recently published a new book “Hindu Surgery and Sushruta” after extensive research. At the same time, she has succeeded in making this subject interesting and appealing to students and parents, children and adults alike.
Discover who Sushruta was and how his innovations traveled across the world. Know how Europe, the Middle East, and China learnt about Sushruta’s surgery innovations. See the photos of surgical instruments designed by Sushruta in this colorful book.
Gain the wealth of knowledge presented in a very attractive, easy to understand, and exciting way !
Go back in history to see what the impacts of the foreign invasions of India were on Ayurveda and Hindu education. This picture filled book is a gateway to the great scientific accomplishments of Ancient India.
The book is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Paperback and Hard cover both.

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