ZARA bachke f0r Indian men in Tri valley

It’s a thought that we are privileged to be living in this region of the country with all the presence of desi community, public amenities, the landscape, and all the aspirations that we carry around even with a nostalgic feeling of social dynamism back in our country.
Now, as BOYS & MEN, lets come together to explore many things the area has to offer and we as MEN can take. Some activities could include:

  • running & biking on trails
  • hiking
  • sports (badminton, volleyball, kayaking)
  • playground converge along with kids (Dads with kids)
  • just meet and chat no matter where and when (on a drink-dinner)
  • watch sports

At this moment this is for MEN only please. You can propagate the idea, if you wish, and please record your email in your response so that we can create a common stage.

7 thoughts on “ZARA bachke f0r Indian men in Tri valley”

  1. We can just create a group (yahoo, g+, twitter, etc.) and correspond, keep up to date via that medium. Also please share any ideas to make it going. See u soon!

  2. when we get started, we’ll just be in nascent phase and can keep it going with all the ideas in your arsenals!

  3. I am interested, staying at San Ramon, have you gotten started yet? If so, please furnish the details of the meetup.

  4. This is another attempt to get this idea a start, albeit slow but not mundane! So guys/boys let us meet in Emerald Glen park, Dublin on the 13th (Saturday) at 4 pm.
    Ravi, Prabhav, Krishna, and Sujit:
    If you are interested please correspond as to your availability and a need to change the date/time.

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