Writing Class with Scott Prosterman

Mindcraft Academy of San Ramon is offer a special writing class for students, who need to improve their composition skills. This is for skilled writers, and also those who are intimidated by the thought of writing an essay or research paper. We teach a new approach to overcome that sense of dread and loathing, to help you find enjoyment in this task, and the joy from self-expression.
The class is taught by Scott Prosterman, a professional writer and editor, who is a graduate of Rhodes College (B.A. w/ Honors) and The University of Michigan (M.A.) Scott publishes a variety of commentary and humor in different media, and serves as a professional editor for clients in the academic and corporate sectors. He has edited many doctoral dissertations and other academic projects, in addition to working with ad agencies as a copywriter, editor and account executive. His professional training also includes non-profit fundraising, script-writing, arts promotions and personnel management.
The substantive issues addressed in the class include:
-Organizational issues
-Grammar and syntax
-Stylistic issues
-Word choice
-Sentence structure and variety
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