Women’s Yoga Classes in San Ramon

Hello, Namaste, Finally, school has started and the kids are out of the house 🙂
Its time to lose some weight, tone your body and feel energetic!
I have slots open in:
Evening Classes on Tue / Fri at 7 – 8 pm;
Morning Classes on Tue / Fri at 10 – 11 am;
Saturday Morning Class from 10.45 – 11.45 am.
Sunday Morning Class from 8 – 9 am
All classes are active and energetic, combining both Asanas and Breathing techniques.
No previous experience with Yoga is necessary. The classes are taught by a Certified Yoga Therapist.
Alternate timings are also available.
Do write back or call me at 5102298038 for more details.
Warm Regards,
Asha Rao

2 thoughts on “Women’s Yoga Classes in San Ramon”

  1. Hello Asha, am interested in your class. can you pls give more details about class schedule and charges?

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