Want to practice extra math (Noetic Math) for your son

My son is 10 years old & I am looking for similar aged kids ( Max of  5 kids) who’s interested to meet once a week & practice extra math/Noetic math. Its free group activity & I am willing to organize the session & practice concepts for 1-2 hrs per week.
Interested students should know their basic concepts & we can use his session to further sharpen the skills & motivate kids.  Interested students should also be willing to chip in money to purchase past Noetic  test papers.
Please contact (speriya…@g…com) if this sounds interesting.

One thought on “Want to practice extra math (Noetic Math) for your son”

  1. I offer small group classes for Noetic Learning contest with an excellent track of success over many years. If you are interested, please call me at 925 600 7697


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