2 thoughts on “Vedas Indian Restaurant Pleasanton”

  1. Hi,

    My personal experience with Vedas Restaurant is little different. Food is avg and not so special. However when i visited with my family in summer attire ( were wearing shorts and T-shirts with sandals and sleepers ) we were not allowed to enter the hotel. We were told that we need shoes and appropriate dressing. thats kind of odd for us. We asked them that the rules are not there on your website ..nor written anywhere on the front door. The guy was very adamant and refused entry. We thank him and went out.

    Nothing wrong in forming rules and we do respect dressing code, provided its written somewhere or put up notice.


  2. Yes, agree that it should be properly communicated. At the same time – to make a general comment (not specifically for you) – its good to for everyone to go out to eat a little less casually – and appropriately dressed in any sit down restaurant.

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