Understanding your Child – Workshop

Here is an attempt you can make to understand your child better – and it does come with Indian ethos.
Art of Living center is organizing a free workshop on May 7 that “will enable you to understand you child, and enhance the relationship between parent and child.” By the sound of it, could be surely a useful and potentially fateful workshop!
According to the description of the workshop:

Learn the root causes of your child’s behavior and learn tools to help your child break these behaviorial patterns.
Understand your child and help them reach their fullest potential.

This is for you if you feel:
1. Your child is shy
2. Sibling rivalry turns into fights all the time
3. Your childs doesn’t listen to you
4. Child watched Tv and plays video games all the time and doesn’t listen to you.

This workshop will help you parent your child to

– Enhance their creativity
– Improve focus and concentration in studies
– Be independent and responsible
– Communicate better
– Feel more free and natural
– Respond to stress in an emotionally healthy way

We will also talk about emotional and mental development, nutrition and food choices, the role of music and art, and social interaction.

May 07, 2011 10:00 AM
Art of Living Center for Yoga and Meditation, Tri Valley
6690 Amador Plaza Road, #215
Dublin, CA 94582
Contact: 925-964-9228

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