Tutoring/Coaching/Learning opportunity – Tri Valley area

OKAY! Greetings everybody…………seekers, providers, onlookers, wanderers.
I see many aspirants waiting to seek, provide, help one another so wanted to extend my services. If you are looking for mentor/tutor to help your kid(s) you would’ve to be responsive to the limited resources you have access to. I would (at least try to) act on something that interests me. There is no other way around it to learn the merits/demerits. So if you are interested check with me. Call or email at your convenience. I wouldn’t be able to clarify without learning all the dynamics of the situation. FYI, I’m a teacher, speech language pathologist, and inquisitor working with young kids in the area (Dublin-Pleasanton-Livermore-Tracy-San Ramon – Danville). Good luck with all your searches! Email: [email protected]; phone (703)589-8727


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