TJ landscape scam

Hi, I am a resident of Dublin and wanted to warn people of TJ scam. TJ a.k.a Toutali Asekia or Toutali Esekia scammed me and 3 other people in same street. He has a golden tooth, gives very low estimates on backyard work, very good talker, starts work, does little concrete and disappears with money. He tells lot of lies, that his son has a surgery, is doing some work apon same street and so is cheap etc.

between the four of us in same street, he has scammed at least 20 thousand dollars.

beware of his smooth talk, there is also a complaint against him with dublin city police. He usually comes in a pick up truck which he bought recently and with his brother who has a beard and his brother in law. He has also cheated people in Alaska. he left his old pick up truck which police towed.

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  1. We (myself, our neighbor and at least one other home in our community in Dublin CA) are facing the same issue with this guy. we started work with him about 7-8 weeks ago and after doing some initial work (and earning our trust), he has stopped showing up for work and has scammed us for atleast 15-20K. I’m not 100% sure (but pretty confident based on the pattern described) but this may be same man who has done similar fraud in AK. Please see links: and

    He maybe seen around this area in Brown/Tan Ford Expedition.

  2. He took backyard work contracts with bunch of us in Positano community in Dublin and did not complete. It’s over 2 months now. Was driving Ford Expedition – tan color. Got a gold (en?) tooth. description above matches the guy we got cheated by.

  3. Hi,
    Yes, it is same guy who has cheated in Alaska and few other places.

    I strongly recommend to lodge a police complaint. My neighbor has already lodged a complaint with dublin police.
    From my experience, TJ’ s team came knocking telling TJ did not pay them. I personally feel TJ and his team are in scam together.
    He not only cheated us, but also ruined my property.

  4. I have been cheated by this guy recently and he cheated by neighbor and and another home in my community (Positano). I also found out today that he cheated another 3 homes or so further up Fallon St (cydonia ct) in Dublin. I’ve spoken to police who initially said that it’s civil matter. However is this is a repetitive thing, then it may be considered scam/fraud and police could possibly launch some action. I’m proceeding with the same with my neighbors. If you would like to join the suite, please email me at [email protected].

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