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TJ landscape scam

Hi, I am a resident of Dublin and wanted to warn people of TJ scam. TJ a.k.a Toutali Asekia or Toutali Esekia scammed me and 3 other people in same street. He has a golden tooth, gives very low estimates on backyard work, very good talker, starts work, does little concrete and disappears with money. He tells lot of lies, that his son has a surgery, is doing some work apon same street and so is cheap etc.

between the four of us in same street, he has scammed at least 20 thousand dollars.

beware of his smooth talk, there is also a complaint against him with dublin city police. He usually comes in a pick up truck which he bought recently and with his brother who has a beard and his brother in law. He has also cheated people in Alaska. he left his old pick up truck which police towed.