the INDIAN umbrella in Tri-city area in the Trivalley

to ALL the INDIAN-ORIGIN residents of the cities of Dublin, Pleasanton, & Livermore:

We should feel the urge to have a common group with disregard to all the regions where we hail from in India, language, creed. I’m sure everybody is unique and have their own set of interests, taste but we probably do cross roads with each other (as in physically in our day-to-day commute and in our interests, needs, and wants). There is nothing like an absolute conglomeration of unified diversity.
So when and if you come across this thread and feel the same way or not…………….take a plunge and be a part of what you are and will be! Wherever you live in these 3 cities (Dublin, Pleasanton, & Livermore) and whatever you do come celebrate INDIANNESS. Do not forget to record your email in your response and spread the word to your friends and relatives.

Let’s get this going and help all our fellow Indians along with our own self.

6 thoughts on “the INDIAN umbrella in Tri-city area in the Trivalley”

  1. awesome, keep it going. We all will meet sometime soon to share ideas… the meantime ……….do share any right here,if you feel like.

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