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2018 Holi Celebration at Emerland Glen Park on March 4

Dear all, We invite you to ‘SPLASH 2018’: Holi – a celebration of colors at the Emerald Glen park Dublin on Sunday, March 4th, 11a-3p.
This is a fun event with music, food and of course colors! ALL are welcome to enjoy SPLASH.
Buy tickets (online only, no walk-in’s): https://tinyurl.com/DUBLIN-SPLASH
More information at www.aideastbay.org

Festival of Colors – Holi Newark Park Mall, Newark

Come and celebrate Holi, the “Festival of Colors” on Saturday, March 10th, at Newark Park Mall, Newark. Join thousands of people to sprinkle colors and spread cheers with friends and family. Play Holi with family and friends with biodegradable skin-friendly colors. Enjoy delicious food, dazzling musical and cultural extravaganza. Dance to the beats of Desi Dhol and DJ. Colors and Food will be available to purchase at the venue. FREE Parking. Buy tickets at https://eventmozo.com/FOGHOLI,
For more information contact: Vidya Sethuraman (510) 491-4867