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Vegetarian, South & North Indian and Italian

I am back and this time with a working (somewhat working) website. I enjoy cooking and I believe that eating to your cultural palette will lead you to a fulfilled life. While most of my friends and family are rather adventurous with food, we realized that a food that you savor helps you avoid grazing throughout the day, eat super healthy and fell connected.
I have a motto of cleanliness first and everything else next. South & North Indian traditional foods are my forte. I lived in Europe for extended periods of time and have had a ring-side view of scratch cooking methods. I am not very experienced with Gujarati food (something that I love eating!) I can pretty much create any taste and texture, while being limited to vegetarian food. Dairy (paneer, ghee, butter, milk, yogurt and cream)  is ok. It is eaten and expended with unwarranted generosity.
Many of you have ordered food from me.  Please check my website and let me know how I can serve you. Thanks!