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South Indian Iyengar Food

I savor cooking. The following episode, perhaps, gives an idea of the good culinary skills that I have learned. As a student in Germany,  I made a few punjabi dishes, Iyengar Puliyodarai and kheer. 17 classmates of ours literally licked the dish in which the Palak Paneer and Puliyodarai were kept in.
I will make EVERYTHING from scratch. Can prepare any South Indian food (see list). If you pick up, there is no additional charge. If you need to drop off, anywhere in Tri Valley there is a small surcharge. Food is packed in leak-proff, BPA free plastic containers (like the one in which yogurt comes and its half-sized cousin)
Start drooling….
Rice Varieties: Puliyodarai (Tamarind Rice), special Tomato Rice, Pongal, Lemon Rice with real lemon juice, Yogurt Rice, Bisibela bath, humor me with your request rice

Sambar & Rasam Varieties: Yogurt Sambar, Mixed Vegetable Sambar, Sprouted Black Channa & Eggplant Sambar, Drum Stick Sambar, Pepper Sambar, Vattral Kuzhambu, Tomato Zeera Rasam, Pepper Rasam, etc